Angela Thompson


Angela Thompson was born "Baby Stevenson" as her birth followed a tragic fire that claimed the life of her Biological Father, Sicilian born Businessman, C. Bentivegna. "Baby Stevenson" would be rename as: Angelina Bentivegna Stevenson by her Biological Mother, Scottish born model M. Stevenson, in memory. Unfortunately, tragedy would strike again, and a young M. Stevenson would go Missing, leaving her two children with Irish-Nova Scotia-Mi'Kmaq extended Family. It is alleged, that during the investigation process, Angelina was removed from care for she was the youngest in the household - yet discriminated against for appearing "Indigenous looking". This came to be realized as her Biological Sibling, with blonde hair and blue eyes, remained with extended Family. This is one example of mishandled Adoption and the aftermath of what is respectfully known as, 60's Scoop. As M. Stevenson would remain a Missing Person, Angelina was put up for Adoption for it was claimed "no one replied" to the Child Services Ad in the Classified Section of a local Newspaper. Therefore, instead of contacting Local Law Enforcement and International Aids to assist, Child Services would fast track an Adoption. Angelina vowed to return home, acknowledging her rights had been violated at the age of 6. Angelina Bentivegna Stevenson would be renamed Angela Thompson upon Adoption by The Thompson Family, where she was raised by Lake Ontario in Oakville. Growing up, Angela served her Community as an Altar Server, St. John Ambulance Squadron Leader and Newspaper Carrier for the Beaver. Musically gifted, Angela joined The Oakville Children's Choir and played several instruments. Athletically gifted, Angela played for the Oakville Soccer Club where she was awarded "Best Defense Player' with hopes to play as one of the youngest players to join the Canadian Olympic Team. "I was very fortunate to be raised in an environment that introduced me to people with creative vision and people who encouraged excellence". Her Adoptive Parents worked as Executives for Campbell's Soup and 20th Century Fox. Angela has one adoptive sibling. Upon conducting her own Film and Investigative Project at 16, Angela located her Biological Family only 5 years later in 2009. The Bentivegna Family confronted the Child Services Agency, where they were presented with the Article regarding Angelina's missing persons and told it ran for only a few weeks. The Representative responsible for the Case File, issued a verbal Apology for failing to reunite the Child with her appropriate Family Members. Angelina's Biological Family reside in: Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Luxembourg, France and Sicily. Moving forward, Angela Thompson proposed to her now Husband, Patrick Thompson, at Yankee Stadium. They Eloped a short while later, singing," We did it our way", at a Tiny Chapel with their Cocker Spaniel and have since lived - happily ever after. Ironically, both shared more than a love for Sports, they also share "The Thompson Surname"and are both Grandchildren of Canadian War Veterans with Canadian Hockey History. Angela Thompson is the beloved Adoptive Granddaughter of the late George Thompson, a Canadian War Veteran, Hockey Player and Umpire. George Thompson is known for contributing, as himself, in "Remembering Toronto" a Documentary on "The History of Toronto (1900's-2000's)". Today, Angela Thompson remains creatively active, in both Film and Music.


Movie Name Release Date
Shazam! 5 April 2019
Greta 1 March 2019