David Ury


David Ury is an actor/comedian and writer/director best known for his recurring role in Breaking Bad, where he was crushed by an ATM. He also recurs on Powers as coroner Dr. Death. A chameleon character actor, he plays a wide range of oddball characters in shows like Justified, Community, and Rob Zombie's film 31. He is the writer/director/producer of numerous viral videos including "What Kind of Asian are You?" which has gotten over 10 million views. He is the author of Everybody Dies: A Children's Book for Grown Ups published by HarperCollins. Raised in Sonoma, California and began his acting career on Japanese television as the "zany Japanese speaking foreigner". David learned to speak Japanese fluently while at college in Tokyo and has translated over 150 books into English.


Movie Name Release Date
3 from Hell 16 September 2019