John DiRenzo


A piercing, hazel-eyed glint, chiseled chin and define cheek bones round out DiRenzos "tough guy" look combined with his effortless charisma allow John to play both sides of the law appearing in several independent films and television productions. Johns radiant smile, likable personality, unstoppable energy, diverse range and dedication to his craft allow him to also pursue and find success in live television hosting. DiRenzo is also working his way up the acting ladder via parts in commercials. DiRenzo began his professional acting career at age 43 , appearing as a background performer in After Earth (2012) . Since then DiRenzo has worked on hundreds of projects including short films, feature films, television, commercials, print and voice over productions. John also has credits as a producer, assistant director. director, script supervisor, casting associate and other miscellaneous crew positions. DiRenzo has worked on print modeling projects with west coast photographer Brian Kuhlmann and world renown portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz . In early 2016 John began working as a correspondent for Wildfire Radios show Small Bites, a food, hospitality and travel program. In October 2017 John became a guest host at QVC and presents products for kitchen and cookware companies. John has found success and his true passion with live television hosting and has plans to continue to look for opportunities in hosting television programs as well as pursuing his acting career. Fall of 2017 DiRenzo closed his brick and mortar business and on-line retail store after 15 years. The acting bug bit DiRenzo hard as he found success almost instantly. It was 2012 when DiRenzo decided to pursue his acting career and not the business world. Over the next few years John merged his retail store on-line allowing him to brake away from the 9-5 grind of retail allowing him the flexibility and availability needed to compete in the entertainment industry. This allowed John to just scrape by financially as this business model provided him with just enough income to peruse his dream and true passions. DiRenzo also began supplementing his income during these lean years working as a rideshare driver. John Joseph DiRenzo was born November 9th 1968 in Norristown Pennsylvania . John is of Italian heritage and the last of five children parented by Lena and Nicholas A DiRenzo Sr. John's father was a butcher, fresh meat market and multi unit grocery store owner. As a young child and teen John spent the majority of his time working in the family markets. John is a culinary professional with over 35 years in the grocery, produce, fresh meat, restaurant business and is an experienced chef, butcher, bartender and restaurant consultant. DiRenzo grew up in Norristown, in an upper middle class area in the suburbs of Philadelphia. John was a marching, concert band and stage band percussionist at Norristown Area High School . During his adolescent years, DiRenzo remained in school music studies and began performing with local garage bands. In his early 20's John worked as night club lighting tech and disc jockey performing at several Philadelphia venues. In his early 20's John married Suzanne Clark and together they had a son, John DiRenzo Jr was born on June 5th 1994. John and Suzanne divorced after one year of marriage.


Movie Name Release Date
After the Wedding 9 August 2019