Lina Renna


Lina Renna is an experienced, seasoned young actress from Vancouver, BC. From the age of 2 she '"wanted to be on the TV". She debuted in the industry soon after, signing with an agency at 3 years old and landing her first principal role on the television show Rogue . She has been driving her success ever since with the guidance of her parents and agent. Her signature curly hair and bigger-than-life personality, garnered her comparisons to Shirley Temple early on - and like the legendary young actor, she never fails to entertain and bring a smile to everyone's face. Her career to date has showcased her emotive as well as comedy side, with her roles in feature films, TV movies, TV series and independent productions. Lina's portrayals in Christmas Princess , Edge of Seventeen , and the soon-to-be-released Mi Madre, My Father , show Lina as a mature young actress with the ability to flourish in challenging roles. At home, she lives with 3 cats, a dog and 2 guinea pigs and loves spending time with and meeting new animals. She is a regular kid by day until the director calls action, and then the magic begins.


Movie Name Release Date
Good Boys 16 August 2019