MWW Michael Wilkerson


MWW Michael Wilkerson 6'5" 255lb actor, can be seen on The Walking Dead Show as a Negan Savior Soldier, and various other Badass roles like Outlaws, Soldiers, Cops, and Cowboys in TV or Motion Picture movies. Born in Southern Illinois, to a family of hard working Blue Collar Workers, on a farm where you have to create things to make things work with no money. Having went to College, holding a (40-70) hour work week, professional job in his daily life, he has found time to go Seek out TV & Film roles to Entertain his appetite for ACTION! Wilkerson is based in Illinois, outside of St. Louis Mo, USA, Also a Sci Fi Author writing the Book Titled "Ziin". WILKERSONBOOKS.COM All of his pay is devoted to traveling to filming locations across the country on his own dime, and hotel stays, which are typically way more than what the pay is. This is out of motivation, dedication, and love of making movies. He is truly honored & humbled by all the opportunities. Sometimes called "The Illinois Spartan", Inspired by "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson, because weightlifting is his life daily.


Movie Name Release Date
Zombieland: Double Tap 18 October 2019