Romii Reilly


Rosemarie is the second youngest of nine children from Prince Edward Island, Canada and of Irish Canadian heritage. Rosemarie grew up on a family homestead farm in the country by the Atlantic Ocean, which is the same home her father was born and raised in and that her grandfather built. Her mother was a stay at home Mother, homemaker, singer, of mainly Irish with some Welsh decent, and of a traditional lobster fishing family heritage. Both of Rosemarie's parents come from large families and are of a long lineage of farming and fishing and mainly Irish traditions, heritage, and Irish Canadian culture. Rosemarie went to public school where her father in addition to operating a livestock and crop farm operated the school bus for twenty five years and the waste service truck for the school board for a number of years as well. Amid all of this he would still find time now and then to bat a softball outfield to the kids playing in the pasture and apply his musical style to his father's antique fiddle where he would play the fiddle in the kitchen. In public school, Rosemarie enjoyed art, music, gymnastics, sciences, English, creative writing,health, crafts,woodworking, baking, photography, plays, choir, games,day dreaming, solo sports, general athletic activities, and some team sports. As an adult, Rosemarie was involved in choir, community theater, some recreational sports such as volleyball,softball,and soccer. She also enjoyed and still enjoys skating, swimming, jet skiing, cycling, dancing, hiking, running, cross country skiing, yoga, climbing, and in-line skating. Rosemarie later studied Acting For Film with New York Film Academy at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, CA in 2009. She loves LA,loves film, great food, music, the ocean, sports, the outdoors, the arts in general and she is currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada post her American acting for film study completion, which was in the latter part of the year of 2011. Rosemarie now is in the first quarter of 2012 and taking acting classes with Master Acting Coach, Miriam Laurence in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is newly exploring opportunities in the city of Toronto, with her sights set on finding great acting for film opportunities there as well as in the U.S.,across Canada, and internationally. Since 2009, Rosemarie also has done some part-time modeling and continues to model while acting and studying acting. In the past two years of film study from 2010 through to 2011,Rosemarie has gained the working experience of being part of a team as a Professional Actress and as a Production Assistant with film production types such as a short film (Undisconnected), a Web pilot(The Kelsey Grammer & Bill Zucker Comedy Hour), a movie trailer (Social Studies), a spec commercial (Doritos and Pepsi Max Crash The Superbowl Competition), an appearance in a national television series (CSI,Original Series), and a variety of New York Film Academy student film productions. Rosemarie's future goals are to be a successful film actress in various genres of film whether short films, feature films,or made for T.v. movies. Rosemarie also enjoys movie musicals and musical theater. She enjoyed her working, learning and educational experience while in Hollywood, and looks forward to returning. Rosemarie loves to travel, is very spirited, enjoys history and timepieces as well, she loves creative visionaries, the actor's process, and the entire intricate process of creating a film,discovering the creator's vision, and the development of the character. Rosemarie enjoys Inside The Actor's Studio located in New York City. Rosemarie aspires to be in feature film productions. When in LA, and when time permits, Rosemarie plans to study with Master Acting Coach Ivana Chubbick for advance scene study exploration of which studio she has already audited in person. While in Toronto, Rosemarie plans to take additional voice training, additional improvisation classes with The Second City Theater, and other skills with related practices and experience to acting, which she will enjoy adding such skills to her film career pursuits as a Professional Film Actress continuing into this year of 2012, in the coming year of 2013, and forward. The future is yet to unfold...and should it only be as amazing as she continues to see her dreams come through. Written: March 15, 2012


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Greta 1 March 2019