Thomas Smittle


From small-town Oregonian to well known horseman,clinician and wild horse advocate, Thomas Smittle makes his debut acting career in The Mustang 2019. Thomas was born in 1970 in Mehama, Oregon and is the son Jean L Wood (Blackfoot/Paiute), a housekeeper, and Howard Smittle (Cheyenne/Euro), a horseman and fabricator. Thomas participated in the wild horse program depicted in The Mustang (2019). The wild horse program experience changed his life, leading him to become a well known horseman and teacher of horsemanship. Thomas is also a well known advocate of wild horses and works closely with Return to Freedom Wild Horse Conservancy, Lifesavers Wild horse Rescue, Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation, and other wild horse sanctuaries and rescues. Thomas has appeared in many documentaries about wild horses and has a credit with SVT TV of Sweden, due out April 2019. This documentary/drama depicts Thomas teaching horsemanship to native youth, telling the story of how the same horse program depicted in the movie and horses changed his life for the better. Thomas and his partner Nicole Eller. DVM live on their small ranch near Custer, South Dakota with their five mustangs, eight rescued dogs & cats and a small flock of chickens. Thomas Smittle hopes to continue an acting career and is seeking an agent (2/9/19).


Movie Name Release Date
The Mustang 15 March 2019