【DELETE愛人】預告片 Delete My Love Trailer (2014) HD
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【DELETE愛人】預告片 Delete My Love Trailer (2014) HD


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【DELETE愛人】預告片 Delete My Love Trailer directed by 葉念琛 Patrick Kong and starring 王祖藍 Wong Cho Lam X 許冠文Michael Hui

蘇波榮(王祖藍飾),生命中處處碰壁,前途坎坷,因他有一個縮骨的衰老闆馬上發,一個­­只顧在兒子身上搾盡每分每毫的母親蘇太,一個整天撞板也常常連累自己的損友華Dee­和­一個文靜內向的賢淑女友寶。 但榮的命運在他三十三歲生日那天發生了變化,他忽然擁有一種超能力,能將所有不喜歡的­­人在生命中delete,搖身一變成為只喜歡自己、崇拜自己和服從自己的人。 榮一念之間delete了生命上所有的看不順眼的人,包括老闆、母親、損友甚至是一直­­千依百順女友。但當你能夠掌握自己命運的時候,若是沒有親人、朋友和愛情的陪伴,心­底­卻湧上了一份高處不勝寒的寂寞。 榮後悔得太遲,直至他重遇了原本的衰鬼波士馬上發,馬告訴強他的超能力其實是自己所賦­­予,榮要求馬將一切回復原狀,馬卻告知他,一切還未是時候...
Wing (Wong Cho-Lam) considers himself being underappreciated as his colleagues often steal his ideas, bringing his career to a dead end. Despite all the negativity, Wing has a gentle and virtuous childhood sweetheart, Bobo, who is always there for him .Wing receives a weird text message one day, saying: Ever thought of deleting those you dislike? Forward this message to a friend. Wish your wish comes true! How would Wing use this incredible superpower to change his life? Will Wing live a perfect life happily ever after?

Release Date: 8 May 2014
導演|Director:葉念琛 Patrick Kong
演員/ Cast: 王祖藍 Wong Cho Lam X 許冠文Michael Hui, Ivana Wong, Yuen Qiu, and Michael Wong
Genre: Comedy
Country: Hong Kong

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